Pure nano glass coating anti-graffiti

Aqua Fend® Liquid Glass (LG) anti-graffiti is the most powerful anti-graffiti product on the market with numerous benefits over traditional Polyurethane, rough coverings and two-part systems.

Completely clear in appearance, the product is based on nanotechnology. It is resistant to UV, alkalis, acids and extreme temperatures and offers excellent abrasion resistance, making it incredibly durable. Removal of graffiti becomes significantly easier with Aqua Fend® LG anti-graffiti, making it ideal for city locations.

“For years we have frequently encountered clients battling with the inconvenience of graffiti. All they want is a viable solution that works – something that eases graffiti removal deterring the vandals and resolving the ongoing problem. Our clients are highly impressed with the effectiveness of Aqua Fend® LG. It is unmatched in its capability, is long-lasting with its efficiency and extremely cost-effective.”

Mark Styles

Thomann-Hanry® UK Managing Director

Aqua Fend® LG anti-graffiti sealant – a protective barrier

Aqua Fend® LG is pure glass broken down to a molecular level ensuring complete and overlapping coverage. After easy application by brush or sprayer, the water evaporates leaving an invisible and durable glass coating about 80,000 times thinner than a human hair.

Aqua Fend® LG has been developed using innovative nanotechnology. A clean, dry surface can be quickly and easily re-treated. Once applied, graffiti and other contaminants will not penetrate the coating. Any graffiti can be easily removed with water and, if necessary, a low-cost mild detergent.

The coating is incredibly hard wearing, as well as being resistant to UV, acids, alkalis and high temperatures.

Aqua Fend® LG is available in quantities of 1 L, 5L or 25L.

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