A cost-effective and long-term façade protection and maintenance solution

City life is tough on buildings; under constant attack from the elements and pollutants, their appearance will suffer over time unless maintained.

Aqua Fend® F façade protection has been formulated to protect building façades, playing an essential part in preservation, reducing ongoing maintenance costs and protecting the structure.

Unlike other products, our formulation for facade protection does not break down under intensive cleaning and offers an unmatched life expectancy of twenty years. Aqua Fend® F is both solvent and silicone-free, with 0.0% VOC.

This façade protection is a fully breathable product, completely invisible on the surface but preventing water and contaminants from entering the pores of the substrate and only run down to the ground.

It prevents water ingress which could otherwise lead to staining or organic growth. It defends against most stains and pollutants that can be caused by traffic or pedestrians.

Aqua Fend® F offers a quick return on investment and will:

  • keep your building clean for longer.
  • reduce cleaning and maintenance costs.
  • ensure surfaces become water-repellent, as water can cause staining, damp, green growth and corrosion of reinforcing steelwork.
  • protect from damage including atmospheric pollution
  • enable easier removal of graffiti.

Breakspear Park, Hemel Hempstead

We have cleaned and protected the façade with Aqua Fend® F and restored the windows of Breakspear Park, in Hemel Hempstead.

At over 10,000 sq. m. it’s one of the biggest projects we’ve completed in the UK.

To complement the façade protection and restrict the formulation of micro-organisms such as moss, lichens and fungi, Thomann-Hanry® also offer Aqua Fend® AM.

Aqua Fend® AM – your building façade free of algae and moss

Aqua Fend® AM particularly destroys all parasitic vegetation, limits the proliferation of mould and will not alter the colour of the substrate.

It does not alter the colour of the substrate, does not create a film and does not yellow. It replaces common acid and alkaline cleaners, which can be harmful to substrates.

Aqua Fend® AM can be applied outdoors to all types of material and offers complete destruction of moss, lichen and fungus – indeed, any parasitic vegetation – as it is a preventive and curative treatment, Nonylphenol & Chlorine-free.

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