Aqua Fend® surface protection

Does Aqua Fend® offers long-term protection?

Aqua Fend® F surface protection has a life expectancy of up to twenty years whilst Aqua Fend® G will be depending on footfall. Product performance can be guaranteed by way of a ten-year insurance backed warranty.

Is Aqua Fend® eco-friendly?

Yes. Aqua Fend® very much respects the environment and this is reflected in its formulation.

Today’s products used for building maintenance and cleaning are often too aggressive, or even toxic to both humans and the environment. Aqua Fend® offers a sustainable alternative:

  • 0.0% VOC content.
  • water-based.
  • solvent-free and non-toxic, LC 50 rating in excess of 10,000.
  • non-flammable.
  • no restrictions for internal use.
  • biodegradable.

Although Aqua Fend® eases the ongoing cleaning of a surface, will it prevent staining?

Aqua Fend® surface protection not only protects a surface but categorically prevents unsightly discolouring or marking of surfaces. Problems caused by staining can be costly to remedy – whether through organic growth on a façade or coffee stains and chewing gum on the ground. Aqua Fend® creates an invisible barrier making cleaning easier and staining avoidable.

  • problematic stains no longer penetrate the surface.
  • removal of graffiti, chewing gum and greasy stains is easy so any organic growth is prevented.
  • the ageing process is delayed enabling surfaces to look new for longer.

Does Aqua Fend® allows the surface to breathe?

Aqua Fend® creates an impenetrable but breathable barrier against surface contaminants and allows surfaces to breathe.

  • surfaces remain greater than 90% permeable as certified by the BBA (British Board of Agreement).
  • will not trap residual moisture within the surface.

Does Aqua Fend® offers any insulating properties to a building?

Aqua Fend® keeps the substrate (stone, brick, concrete) dry, enhancing a building’s thermal resistance and subsequently reducing heating bills.

Can Aqua Fend® be used internally as well as externally on buildings?

Yes. There are no restrictions for internal use. Aqua Fend® has an A+ ‘emissions into indoor air’ rating and is entirely solvent and silicone-free.

Does Aqua Fend® affect the colour of the stone?

No, Aqua Fend® offers invisible protection and will not alter the colour of the substrate. It is, however, available in wet-look and coloured formulations according to need.

How do you recommend applying Aqua Fend®?

A high-volume, low-pressure sprayer is preferable and we offer the entire range of Gloria Heavy Duty stainless steel and steel tank sprayers for purchase as required.

Use the product directly from the container, shaking well before use. The substrate must be impregnated to the point of saturation in a single application process (wet-on-wet).

Once applied, from what point is Aqua Fend® effective?

Water repellency is achieved in 24 hours but optimum effectiveness is obtained after seven days.

Can you apply in all types of weather?

Aqua Fend® must not be applied when raining, or if rain is expected. Surfaces need to be visibly dry before application commences.

Do you have a product that will treat moss, lichen or fungus?

Yes. Aqua Fend® AM has a specific formulation for the complete destruction of moss, lichen and fungus. Used correctly, it will destroy all parasitic vegetation, limits the proliferation of mould and will not alter the colour of the substrate.

How much product is needed to cover per m2 of stone?

The quantity of product needed depends on the substrate porosity so varies considerably. Please, see relevant on-pack information for details.

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