Reduce cleaning and maintenance costs while keeping your surfaces clean

The ultimate surface protector

Once building surfaces have been cleaned and restored, they should be protected against future weathering and deterioration.

As the capillaries of the surface are protected, contaminants will sit on top, allowing them to removed by basic cleaning operations.

Thanks to Aqua Fend® surface protector, pollution, oil, grime, grease, bird droppings, algae and other surface contaminants are no longer an issue or expensive to remedy.
The primary concern is to prevent the build-up of dirt particles and damp which can react with the masonry and reduce its lifespan. Protecting surfaces also extend the cleaning cycle.

Independent tests have shown Aqua Fend® to be the industry’s leading surface protection solution. The product range now includes four exclusive products that are specifically designed to protect buildings, pavements and floors against a multitude of unwanted contaminants.

“With a clear margin, Aqua Fend® was the best performing surface protection material used in this investigation”.

(Recent independent University testing)

Many leading companies trust Aqua Fend® including numerous City-based bank and property managing agents, among others.


Many of today’s products used for building maintenance and cleaning are either too aggressive or even toxic to both humans and the environment. Aqua Fend® (F and G) offers a sustainable alternative:

  • 0.0% VOC content (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • water-based.
  • solvent-free and non-toxic, LC 50 rating in excess of 10,000.
  • non-flammable.
  • no restrictions for internal use.
  • biodegradable.


Aqua Fend® surface protector prevents unsightly discolouration or marking of surfaces. Problems caused by staining can be costly to remedy – be they through organic growth on a façade or other causes, such as coffee stains or discarded chewing gum on the ground. Aqua Fend® creates an invisible barrier, making staining avoidable and cleaning easier.

  • problematic stains no longer penetrate the surface.
  • allows easy removal of graffiti, chewing gum and greasy stains.
  • prevents organic growth.
  • delays the ageing process enabling surfaces to look new for longer.


By forming an impenetrable but breathable barrier against surface contaminants, Aqua Fend® allows surfaces to breathe.

  • surfaces remain greater than 90% permeable.
  • residual moisture is not trapped within the surface.


Enjoy a warmer building and lower bills.

  • whether it’s stone, brick or concrete, Aqua Fend® keeps the substrate dry, enhancing the building’s thermal resistance.
  • reduce overall heating costs.

10-year guarantee on facades

Long-term protection: for a building to retain its optimum value, there is a need for it to be well-maintained.

  • unlike some competitors’ products, Aqua Fend® surface protector is not removed by cleaning works.
  • protection and a life expectancy of twenty years on facades. Product performance can be guaranteed by way of a ten-year insurance backed warranty.
  • prevents damage to the structure, including unwanted organic growth.
  • reduces ongoing maintenance costs allowing a quick return on investment.
  • certified by BBA to EN 1504-2: 2004

Aqua Fend surface protector

The above photograph is of one of the BT Headquarters in Newgate Street, London; and it was taken in May 2018; whilst the clean was done in 2016.

Panel A – cleaned by Thomann-Hanry® in 2016, but not protected.
Panel B – cleaned by Thomann-Hanry® and protected with Aqua Fend® at the same time.
Panel C / D – cleaned by a competitor and not protected.

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